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What is Web Design? A Complete Guide

The concept of web design is a general concept that refers to several parameters that allow the best digital presence of any business. This notion includes the creation of a website that works well, drives traffic and achieves the intended goals whether they are informative or lucrative. The factors that are concerned by the website are everything related to:

  • The layout: the arrangement of the element within the web pages.
  • The functioning: the way the objects (texts and media) react to users activities.
  • The content: what the pages contains (texts and media)
  • The ergonomic: how the pages look; includes colors, font styles, interactivity…

These parameters are made according some rules called web design principles which are the standards of the good web design process. The web design principles can be summarized in few points.

Web design principles:

Web design reposes on some principles that web designer should consider when conceiving the website. The goal is to achieve maximum traffic generation and maximize the success of the website as digital portal of a given business. When you decide to create a website you should consider:

  • Website accessibility: the website must be easy to browse. There is no ambiguity and the user has not to deploy much effort to understand what the content wants to tell.
  • Website content: the content must be informative and provides the user what he seeks.
  • Website usability: users should have no issues interacting with the different options they may find on the website. The easiness of using several links, several forms and media is a determining factor of the website reputation and therefore the website success.
  • Website responsiveness: website responsiveness designates the ability of the website to display on different devices. This intends that with the technology development and the several devices that are able to browse the web, the website should have the ability to fit the web pages content to the displaying device characteristics.

Web design programming:

To apply the web design you have, you need to know programming languages.

  • HTML Hyper Text Markup Language: is the primary platform on which you are going to apply the first design of your website. Actually any webpage is written is built with HTML. This language is a set of tags with properties allowing basic manipulations of the page and its content.
  • Cascading Style Sheet CSS: this language allows operating modifications not supported by the HTML tags. Also it allows the reduction of the code lines to put within the page to create the desired effects and designs. For example, if you need to make all links red, you will have to specify the font style at every link tag; using CSS allows you to indicate this behavior once. This language offers the maximum features when it coupled to Javascript.
  • Other programming Languages: the other languages are often used to create ergonomics and interactivity between user and websites. In fact, the page elements can have particular behavior in response to the user action. Also these languages can reinforce the security of the website.

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