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The Four Web Design Trends Businesses Should Actually Care About

Do you know that it takes only a 50 millisecond (that’s 0.05 seconds) for a visitor to judge an overall first impression about your Web Design?  And would certainly be the only one to form about your business…for some! Never undermine the thought that web visitors don’t care about web design. They actually care more with 75% of them rating your website on the basis of its credible web design. Therefore, staying on top of the trends when it comes to corporate web design is seriously important for future web designers especially, when you are into your own business.

Do you think that your web design is competent enough to make a good first impression — and also the last one? Take it on your nerves and tie it that you need to employ trends in best web design firms in order to impress your future to be customers and to position your business stand out. We have narrowed down our top 04 favorite web design trends of 2018 that will make the visitors fall in love with your business website because we all are busy and the first impression is everything.

So, don’t forget to bookmark them:

  1. The <Video> Element
    It is expected that Video will make up approx. 82% of the total internet traffic in 2021 and this trend doesn’t have to be taken lightly by digital businesses for their own sake.After all, the amazing potential of videos can’t be forgotten since, its launch in the year 1979. Though video production seems like a sufficient killer of your time, resources and money but it can tremendously capture leads and value for your business; not fairly possible through any other means (neither copy nor static images).
    As per one of the interesting insights released by Video Explainers (via MarTech), displaying a video on your website can double the chances to appear on a front-page Google result by 53 times! So, if you are selling some conceptual product or service then, videos are the most crucial part to drive sales and leads for your business. Stripe Sigma’s did a classic example by launching a feature page that seamlessly incorporates video into its design in a way to communicate their complicated design cycle into a easier to digest and engaging way.
  1. Immersive “Multimedia” Long Form
    One of the finest way to bring your products and services to life is to incorporate immersive, long multimedia. Generally, a multimedia format is far richer than infographics or blog posts and creates a visual experience for your customers as in they can feel connected with your business. In order to compel your audience, you need to deliver a business impression that feels live though displaying your products or services to life and for your expertise to showcase more competitively.
    Always start with a custom layout design and then, try to enrich it with some visual cues like, videos, sound clips, infomercials or infographics that could actually tell your brand story and can connect with your audience, as adopted by many media outlets like, CNN, ESPN and NATGEO with many businesses, following the same pursuit. Dropbox did a fantastic job of transforming its brand redesign into a powerful, compelling story format within the Dropbox design in order to make customers more joyful while experiencing the tool.
  1. Content Hubs (Or Web Books?) Get Cool
    The evergreen demand for content creation and marketing valuable content cannot be denied for today’s businesses to pull out revenues, leads and develop outclass brand recognition. If you know exactly the kind of information that your users and ideal customers need and anyone from your company can be of good use for them then, you can simply jump upon to create a stellar and subtle content marketing strategy for yourself. Yes, we are talking about web books that can be a future for next-gen web build.
    If you are a guru or claims to have superfluous knowledge on some subject matter that you feel can make your customers or potential visitors befitted, then simply create a web book and publish for the world to get to know about it. Intercom Books, an online E-book retailer offers a commendable selection of books for its readers to skim out valuable information and insights without those annoying PDF signups or any hostile sales pitches. In that way, web books are always cool.
  1. Principles-First Design
    We are not asking you to become Ray Dalio (author of Principles: Life and Work), but for a business to become proactive, it should think in terms of principles first especially when it comes to web design. (A lesson for beginners) You might think of that what this has to do with web design but in actual, these principles are the milestones to guide your product or service in accordance with your business web design process.
    For instance, any visitor lands on your website with no any prior knowledge about your business. It will be your website that will become your brand for that particular visitor and that visitor to be your lead, not to be missed at any cost. Now, it’s the job of your marketing and customer support team of how to retain that visitor to turn into a loyal customer with your ‘website’ to correctly represent your business ethos and with featured products that your business live by as ‘solution’ to his problems for a guaranteed comeback! For this, you need to ensure that your designer abides by the rules and values that represent your business in your web design. This conversation needs to be discussed and hammered in the early design process and must continue to inform repeatedly till your web design gets completed.

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