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The Digital Dilemma – 3 Important Website Considerations to Improve Conversion Optimization

One of my long term friend and an expert web designer working with the largest web design company in Abu Dhabi said, “One of the biggest dilemmas of online industry is the sheer number of choices customers have to deal with before committing to a purchase”.

But doesn’t that look like an ideal market scenario?

Sure, yeah!

On the surface things might look calm and smooth, however, looking beneath the surface reveals a more intimidating and preposterous situation for businesses where they have to compete with hundreds (at times thousands) of other similar businesses just to attract more traffic to the websites (we are not even considering the conversion at the moment).

But what’s the problem? Competition is good for the market, right?

There is a difference between competition and spoilt for choices and the dilemma of today’s online industry is that the consumers have been spoilt with endless choices, which unconsciously have a ceasing effect on their decision-making capabilities.

To put it simply, if you are offered two different varieties of Ice Cream (say vanilla and strawberry), it won’t be too much of a complication for you to make a choice, right?

Now how about there’re over 100 different varieties of Ice Cream and you have to choose just one?

Yeah, there you go.

That’s what we say spoilt for choices. Period.

Now, this is exactly what’s hampering the businesses to succeed in today’s online industry. To be able to compete with hundreds of other businesses, they are unconsciously contributing to this dilemma by listing as much as possible choices for customers’; ceasing their decision-making capabilities and subsequently losing the business.

But, then what’s the right approach?

Well, while you start designing a new website, you need to keep in mind few important points that interestingly aren’t too complicated to comply with but have a massive impact for your business success or failure.

Here we will be precisely looking at some of those considerations very briefly; just enough to pull you out of the self-destructive race for digital dominance.

– Stick with one website

This is one of the most commonly prevailing self-destructive path, where businesses decide to launch multiple sites (in hopes of gaining more traffic), end up losing it all. Remember, a website serves as your digital address and just like the physical address, you can just have one headquarter.

– Domain Ownership

Again, the domain refers to your business’s digital name and you can’t just rely on a borrowed or rented name for your digital business.

Domain names like www.yourbusinessname.wordpress.com are simply too embarrassing to be used for business purpose (this might do the trick for bloggers, just a little).

Thereby, when you go for a website, make sure you own a domain name completely and avoid having multiple domains as well.

– The website should be for customers

Lastly, even before you start the web design process, identify the target audience and make sure you adjust your design according to their preferences. For instance, if your target audience is older demography, choose larger fonts and everything else in between; just to help them relate and connect with your brand.

About the Author:

Rick Mark is a digital marketer and SEO specialist at Digital Gravity, An Abu Dhabi based business offering efficient and affordable web design solutions. He has his Masters in Marketing from Iqra University and has a career that spans over a decade in digital marketing. He loves to write about tech shaping e-commerce industry.

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