Tips To Select A New AC System

There was a time when owning an AC was considered a luxury in India. But not anymore. With the advanced growth of technology, the need of AC has grown, and also courtesy, the rising temperature and outgrowth of software companies. In cities such as Bangalore, an air conditioner has already become a known sight in even small offices and large corporations.

For some residents of Bangalore, the air conditioner has become more than an electronic appliance. Students and NRI’s who have lived for many years in European countries cannot sustain the hot weather of Bangalore and depend on AC for survival. Usually, they need AC at work, in the car, and also at home.

But not all persons require an AC. After working for two decades in Bangalore you have built a new house, and want to install an air conditioner. But there are so many brands with new features. So you are confused in selecting the air conditioner suitable for your home. But after reading the article, you can get more clarity in selecting the air conditioner.

As per medical records, in India, it is safe to have the AC at a temperature of 22-degree Celsius. If you try to maintain the specified line, uncomfortable health atmosphere will be created which may result in health issues such as a sore throat, stiff neck, and running nose.

Most Effective Solution

In the summer, the sun’s rays scorch each and every part of Mother Earth. Agreed, even your ancestors had come up with various inventions to reduce the heat of the sun during summer. For example, using the blinds and shades prevent the sun’s rays to enter the house through the window. A light color paint will reflect more sunlight thus preventing the heat to the walls. Also, if you make the minimum use of oven and dryer, you can prevent the emergence of hot air inside the home. But, any home improvement expert will tell, that an air conditioner is one of the best ways to provide a cool environment in your home.

There are three reasons why an air conditioner is considered a valuable asset –

  • It eliminates the excess humidity in the air
  • It filters the air of pollutants
  • It maintains the temperature as per the desired level.

Not having a air conditioner is depriving yourself of the many benefits this appliance offers. But maintenance is also a challenge. If you know the tricks, then it is possible to enjoy the summer, opt for the cool breeze in the night, the blinds and curtains help keep the heat in the day, and long blinds can make your home a cool PARADISE even during the summer.

How To Select The Best Air Conditioner

To help you source the system, outlined are few information and key tips.

  1. Find A Qualified Professional who is skilled in service and repair
    Agreed, it was a challenge to get the AC repair technician before a decade easily. But now the times have changed. The emergence of home maintenance companies in urban cities such as Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and all the world, have made hiring the best handyman professional an easy process.
    It is very easy to get a technician for AC service in Bangalore. You just have to download the app, and book for the specific service, schedule the appointment and repair hours as per the convenience. On the slot (time, date and place) the person will come and do the repair work. Also, if you are in need of installation, there is an option to book for the same service.


  1. Consider The Home Size
    You have to first know the size of the space in your home that needs to be ‘cool.’ And based on the requirement, the system will vary. It is mandatory that you seek the guidance of a professional. If the installation and the requirement is not met correctly, your family can suffer from inadequate heating and high electricity bills.

  1. Insulation
    Before you opt for the buy, just look at your home. In fact, the doors, windows and insulation. Do you feel the air escapes through a crack in the wall, then the AC will have to work harder to bring the required cool atmosphere. So check every nook and corner of the home.
  1. Know the options
    Has your home been built half a century ago? Then it is difficult to have the ductwork installed. If you want to renovate the house just because of installing the pipework, the charges may be expensive. But, in this era of technology, you do not need the ductwork. There are plenty of alternatives to consider such as window units, mini-split systems and “swamp” coolers.

  1. Choose the Best Quality AC
    Never choose the cheap system because it is going to save a few thousand rupees. The cheap parts can play havoc by means of high electricity bills.


Let it be any electronic appliance – washing machine, microwave oven or any other. It is an investment, whether you stay in Bangalore or in any part of the world. Period. In terms of an air conditioner, you buy it for various benefits. For the “cool” during the summer, and for pure air. So it is better you opt for the size, quality of brand that is in tandem with the requirements of your home.

But just investment will not suffice. You have to also know the maintenance tricks. For example, changing the filters etc. Let us imagine a situation. You bought an air conditioner. It met your family requirements for five years. The warranty period – expired. Suddenly, you encounter less cool air in the home. A tell-tale sign of malfunction. So, you need a qualified skilled technician to do the AC repair and service in Bangalore. But how will you hire a professional unless you know by the referrals? Difficult, isn’t it? So follow the new method of hiring handyman professionals in cities such as Bangalore. There are a new set of companies which have come to the market and offer top quality services at the customer’s doorstep. All these companies have apps which can be easily downloaded, installed in the mobile to book a service. So, opt for the same and get to hire the best AC repair services in Bangalore. Good Luck!!!

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