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The latest developments in technological innovations are now inside our very homes. From smart kitchen appliances, sprinkler systems, programmable thermostat, lighting to security systems, we can’t deny that smart technology is making our tasks more manageable and to a degree, our lives safer. Homeowners need not be very tech-savvy to adopt a smart home. In fact, if you can operate a smartphone, it is very likely that you can run the rest of these technologies as well.

So if you have not joined the smart wagon yet, here are the benefits and best reasons of having smart technology under your roof.

Improve Safety

Smart technology avails you several safety features so you can protect yourself, your family and your home. Smart locks and keyless entry ensure that nobody outside your family can enter your home without notice. High definition CCTV systems capture and record images of possible intrusion in your property, deterring intruders from targeting your home. Motion sensors can alert you if someone is inside your premises while Wi-fi-enabled doorbells show who’s at your doorstep, giving you the option to answer or not.

But apart from that, you also enjoy an enormous sense of security with the fact that you can turn off your kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures and other devices from your smartphone. You can prevent house fires and other incidents even when you’re at work or away from a vacation.

Accessibility and Efficiency

If you have senior or disabled family members, you probably understand how difficult it can be to do even the most menial things for them. Smart technology allows easy and intuitive operation so that they can do things smoothly and efficiently. Imagine having a bidet toilet seat in the bathroom which cleans and dries the intimate areas at the touch of the button. That would mean no reaching out for tissue and bending over to clean up, which can be cumbersome particularly for the older adults.

How about automating the appliances to do specific tasks for you, like a smart sprinkler watering your lawn at a designated time? Or, asking your smartphone to call an Uber, switch off the lights among others? It’s really amazing to be able to do several tasks hands-free and not having to lift a finger when you’re not capable or too busy.

Save Money

It is a common notion that smart technology is more costly than their traditional counterparts. Rightly so, smart LED bulbs do cost more than CFL’s, and you can expect that the rest of these technologies will cost you more. But that’s just an upfront cost. When you get to sync the system and get them running, you’ll find that investing on these seemingly costly devices is indeed a wise financial decision.


When you forget to turn off the lights or the thermostat when you’re away for a long vacation, you can expect a surge in your electric bill. When you’re unable to water your plants for a week, hiring a landscaper to bring back the beauty of your lawn might cost you more. When someone breaks into your home because the lock is easy to pry open, you could suffer for even more costly loss and damages. When you think of the upfront cost, smart technology is indeed expensive. But it will pay for itself in the long run, and that’s when you start enjoying the savings.


Where now living in a world where control is seemingly just at the tip of our fingertips, and more innovations are rolling in day after day. What remains true, however, is that smart technology affords us efficiency, control, safety and savings which can offset the costs of these systems and devices.

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