How the Plantronics RIG 4VR is Giving Higher-End Expensive Headsets a Run for Their Money?

While the PlayStation VR has many features, it still doesn’t have built-in headphones. To be able to get the most out of its VR gaming environment, a headset designed specifically with PSVR in mind – Plantronics RIG 4VR should be ideal. The functionality of Plantronics RIG is more than “4VR”. Designed to use with the PSVR, the headphone comes with several levels of customization and flexibility. The headband provides a user engaging, immersive experience, delivering both comfort and stability when wearing the RIG. The headband is easily removable if you prefer to use without it.

Aesthetically Comfortable Design

The massive headband comes with chunky earcups. The narrow oval earcups fit cleanly within the space that the PlayStation VR leaves for your ears. The aesthetic design is a Sony trademark, most gameplay experiences report it looks good and fits great. In spite of the huge size, the product is lightweight and flexible. In fact, the narrow ear cups may pose a problem for users with larger ears. But, the soft and comfortable padding makes it easier to fold them within the cup if required. This delivers great noise cancellation and you do not feel the uncomfortable pinch or press after lengthy gaming sessions.

Being light means the product can be used comfortably without adding more weight to the already existing PSVR on your head. The earcups can be clipped to the outer headband in three slightly different positions. The standard configuration allows the earcups to be easily popped out and moved up to several notches to fit comfortably on your head. The adjustability comes from the inner flexible headband that fits to your head shape and size.

Better Audio at Cheaper Price

The main factor associated with any headphone is its audio performance. The Plantronics RIG 4VR may not be the most explosive audio gear available for the PSVR, but for its price, considering most sellers are offering the VR headphone at a mere $69.99 can give its expensive counterparts a run for their money. The sound clarity is definitely much better than expected at the cost, with clearly defined mids and highs, and bass not excessive, which feels real. Some headphones have incredibly higher bass that seems fake and jarring, especially during long gameplay sessions. A great quality audio for 3D gaming – crisp and real, sounds accurate with varying positional soundscapes.

Microphone quality of the Plantronics RIG 4VR is as good as it gets since voices can be heard clearly. Noise cancellation definitely impacts the sound quality. This prevents ambient noises from appearing while chatting. Also, the mic is easily adjustable and can be rebalanced during chat/game audio. There is no need to speak loudly as your chat audio easily gets through. A cool feature of the mic on these PSVR headphones is that you just need to flip it up to mute. So, no fumbling through menus or awkwardly placed buttons to mute your voice.

Consistent Performance with Peripherals

Two main cable outlets – one short and the other long comes out of the back left of the Plantronics RIG 4VR. The shorter cable can be connected to PSVR headset while the longer can be connected to laptops, phones, etc. The headphone works well with the standard gaming, listening to music, and other applications. The best part is that the headphone does not need to be charged to use it to the fullest.

Verdict – To Buy or not to Buy

The surround sound feature built into the headset makes for a very immersive gaming experience. It’s hard not to give credit to the Plantronics RIG 4VR as it is rare to find a headset so versatile and well-matched to the PSVR environment at the price. For those looking out for dedicated audiophiles, the Plantronics RIG 4VR is a solid offering.

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