How Emoji Keyboard make you fast & smart

One of the numerous perks of having a Smartphone is that we not only get to have the leverage of texting someone or sending them audio notes but we also get to share our emotions in the form of such live emojis. Have you tried an emoji keyboard yet? If you have, then you can probably relate to this article, one that you are about to read.

One of the many advantages of Android and Apple is that you get to personalize it just the way you like such as adding personalized wallpapers, adjusting favorite caller tunes and assigning a new tone to every contact, customizing the font of the phone and adding numerous types of keyboards to it. Changing the style of the keyboard has been a long-term used feature of Android and iOS and users take advantage of it widely. Hence, the keyboard category in the App and Play store have a lot of variety and the users are demanding with a much better interface every now and then along with new and latest technology added features.

There is a wonderful option that is Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard, latest of its kind and is offering a lot more than some emoticons or stickers. It is a complete store for those who love sharing visual emotions.

The Key Features of the Emoji Keyboard:

  • Emoji, Emoticons, GIFs, Stickers – All in one place

If you are a fan of sharing cute emoticon and GIFs, this keyboard is the one for you to hover over. It has unique emojis and lots of emoticons that will bring you chat to live. Also, it has GIFs and stickers as well, offering all in one place, it gives a huge advantage to the user since he doesn’t have to install different apps for all these purposes, With Emoji Keyboard, you can get it all in one place.

  • Fast & Smart Input

Do not like when your phone gets stuck while you are in a middle of typing a very important text. Shed all your worries behind, sticker market has a very strong and fast input mechanism. It does not hang either it gets stuck in fact it keeps on working smoothly. So, you do not need to sweat upon the uncertain fact that this application may not work on your phone because it will.

  • Stunning Keyboard Themes

Do you want your keyboard to have a stunning outlook? Then let’s give you guys another good news. This keyboard also offers a wide range of themes and color schemes. You can get whatever theme you want and the market is updated on regular basis. You can also customize your own picture or a wallpaper as the keyboard theme. Thus, it is offering all the customizations that you have been looking for to make your phone even more beautiful on the inside.

  • Highly Customization

As mentioned before, this keyboard is highly customizable and you can adjust it just the way you like. It. Adding new color combinations and adjusting your favorite font has never been this easy. It has a very user-friendly interface. It is easy to handle and understand. You do need some rocket science to understand the features of this keyboard. Just download it on your iOS or Android, whatever it is that you have and get going with this fun to use the keyboard.

  • Auto-correct and Word Prediction

Tired of making typing mistakes and then removing the characters all the way back before you start again. They also feature a built-in auto-correct and word prediction mechanism. Once you’ve used this keyboard long enough, it has a detailed memory of the words that you choose and is easily able to predict the next phrase or word that you are going to type. For those who have a love for auto-correction and want their own dictionary of words. This keyboard is a must for those users.

  • Support 50+ Languages

Do you love bilingual typing? Great, because it is not offering one or two but more than 50 languages for you to choose from. Want to make an impression by talking in French, just type what you want to say and choose to translate into French and the keyboard will do its magic. This feature comes in handy for those who love to explore different languages.


Another great aspect of this keyboard is that it does not violate your privacy because it does not require any of your personal information. Just download it and start making use of it as soon as you want. It will not be off any mess for you. Their policy is that they don’t attain information that will be of no use to us. Also, this keyboard is completely free to use and it does not have any in-app purchases as well. All the themes and features are entirely free without any kind of premium membership. The customer satisfaction is one of the tops & most priorities along with the quality of the product.

It’s great to discover an application that basically works with everything and that is the situation of the Keyboard: an advanced and adjustable console that is just gently created for the convenience of the users and for the great friendly user interface. When you have competitors like Swift key, Fleksy, Google Keyboard and Swype, it is essential to convey a solid item to emerge in the eye of the people. The main thing you’ll see after setup is the astounding measure of free topics accessible for download. You can peruse through them by class, included, top rank or see the ones put away on your gadget. You can say that this Emoji keyboard is one of the best among the latest keyboards available on Android and iOS. Get these for your Smartphone and have the best experience of texting and typing, and sure you are going to love it.


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