Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 1080p Projector Review

The Epson home cinema 5040UB 1080p is the addition to their projector line of products, having far more advancement and addition to the previous projectors. It is basically an upgraded version of 5030 series that represents Epson previous projector series. As compared to the 5030 series, the new series has an automatic system of that features that were present in previous one but were manually controlled. This results in the output image quality similar to that of projector of high quality and cost but not to mention in low and affordable cost projector. It was featured in different projector reviews consumer reports, PCMaG, Consumers Verdict, NyTimes, Tomsguide etc

Features of Epson Home Cinema 5040UB

Its lens comprises of all glass having 2 x 1 zoom ranges that can give an optimized performance. The setting of the lens can be adjusted with a manual system. The zoom can be adjusted automatically due to the motorized system installed in it.  The lens shift mechanism is also built-in and also focus can be adjusted automatically. The automatic feature has made possible for the lens memory, which means the lens positions can be stored in memory and after that, it can be called, and the position will be automatically set by a single click. Up to ten lens positions can be stored and call in the memory system.

The picture quality is also of high definition. The visibility of the colors is great without blurring or overlapping each other. Thanks to it’s built – in 16 piece glass piece that can give good visibility of the each tiny color and image feature. Epson marks its lumen power to 2500 for all types of picture content i.e. for color brightness and white brightness, but it offers more than it is meant for. It can deliver for every type of ambient light conditions and surrounding environment cannot have a degrading effect on it.  The entire RGB color format can be displayed by using this projector.

These come with the 4k enhancement, means that these can also handle the 4k output. This is achieved by pixel shifting that cab display half of the actual resolution of 4k, but images displayed are still sharper and visible than that of the 2k feature. In addition to 4k, it can also work with other types of high definition image formats that are used in home theater system.The game lovers can also be benefited from this series as this offers less input lag creating. As far as price is concerned it has a higher price than its predecessors, but when comparing its exceptional features this projector seems worthy of this price.

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