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Eclipse Opening Shade System

High-quality shading system from Eclipse Opening Shade System offering aluminum louver products which are fully customized and innovative across Adelaide. The hot climate of South Australia which is a bit harsh and our shading system helps you to manage your space with great care.

Eclipse Opening Shade System is a family-owned company which has the urge to offer high-quality services of shading products in the city. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are designers and builders and their combined experience, our products are state of the art piece that ensures client`s smooth and careful experience. The best results are those which springs from years of experience.

Louvers Interlocking System:

We have worked with commercial, residential and industrial clients in Adelaide and we have offered a wide number of products for the shading system. Our product range includes patio roofs, louver, sun louvers, and many other products to take control of your space and enjoy every aspect of modern living. Our louvers interlocking system helps you to stay safe from harsh weather and the deep channels in louvers can carry water away to gutters.

Our louvers provide maximum light passage so you can enjoy the winter season with your loved ones and drinks. These louvers also provide warmth into outdoor areas and rooms. Thus, natural ventilation is created when air passes through them to provide cool air breezes. Eclipse Opening Shade System provides nice shade protection for buildings and people.

Shading System:

Eclipse Opening Shade System offers all sizes and range of shading system which are tailored and customized as per your requirements. Whether you are working or making a new building, our shading system added beauty to your property. We ensure that your building is protected all year around.


Eclipse Opening Shade System has a wide range of products that add beauty to your property which are as follows:

  • Opening Louvers
  • Flat Louvers Opening roof
  • Sun Louvers
  • Shutter and privacy louvers

You don’t need to stay inside when it is raining, so enjoy the view beneath our shading system with small distance and protection from the rain. Our shading system helps you to ventilate and take shade protection. They are great for humid conditions and with light showers. You can enjoy the sunlight that passes from louvers.

Why Choose Us?

Eclipse Opening Shade System is a local business in Adelaide and our mission is to provide high-quality products and services to commercial and residential clients across South Australia. Our high-quality product can be customized as you like so you can enjoy all the benefits in your space. Our professional help you to select the best product as per your requirements.

Commercial Opening Shade System:

Eclipse Opening Shade System offers numerous commercial products with sleek designs that are fully customizable so you can control the amount of light and air with the professional appearance in your space. We added aesthetic features into our designs. Feel free to select different products from our showcase that are made from years of professional experience and client satisfaction.

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