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WeChat Free Messaging And Calling Application

Just like any other popular social networking platform, the WeChat is also great. On my phone I have just a few contacts, less than 200 but on my WeChat I have hundreds. It’s a great invention as it has helped make the word more connected and also helped in filling up the space for some people who might not find some other popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, BBM, SnapChat and so on fun.

Like me, I don’t use WhatsApp because my friends don’t use it much, and it’s a great deal of time wasting system for me. I find it bored because any information I get from there is also on my Facebook wall. The app is still in my phone but I rarely get time to reply people’s messages any longer. I use WeChat and would love to tell you some things about this great application.

What Makes WeChat Special?

It has almost replaced text messages in China where it is mostly used. WeChat helps find your friends, families and connections with their names so you don’t have to go about cramming or writing phone numbers. The recently included video chats in their tools making it an even more choice for social networking freaks. I don’t use much social networking sites and so a few is okay for me.

It also has introduced of recent the WeChat Wallet service (very much similar to Zhifubao) and available to the Chinese bank account holders.

Some of its special qualities include:

  • Voice Messaging: Most times you would see Chinese putting their phones to their mouths and murmuring some things, they are probably using the WeChat. It’s not so common in other countries yet but a very nice form of communication. You do not bother typing your messages anymore and everything is done in a matter of seconds. Thanks to WeChat for this great addition. This is also available to Facebook and WhatsApp users, but I wonder why they don’t use it normally.
  • Sights: You can send brief messages to your friends on this great app. I only dislike the fact that they don’t self-destruct themselves like the way SnapChat does but it’s really great too. Visuals do better than texts and so same even in our personal chats and messages.
  • Messages recalling: This is a great tool for some people who talk and regret what they said so often. If you’re the talking too much type, you need this. It will help you retract your messages after one minute of sending them and the person would not be able to see them again. They would get a notification that you sent a message as usual but it will be forever lost in the cyber space. This tool is also available in the latest version of the Blackberry Messenger abd so if you don’t have an idea of it, then check the BB. I once used it for fun when I was testing out the app as I always do in my spare time and it was great. I think you should try it out too.
  • Stickers: Emojis are now outdated but the memories are still life. Stickers help you add life to your chats and messages on the different social media platforms and also help to cover awkward chats. When that girl you’re asking out suddenly starts a boring chat and you don’t know what to do, then the right stickers can end the chat. You can also use a sticker to shorten words like “hahaha”, “wow” and other feelings. Some are even GIFs and add life to your posts and chats. They are downloadable, collectible, cute and hilarious. I wonder who doesn’t use them.
  • Moments: This is much similar to the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter newsfeeds. It will give you the chances to “show off” like in other popular social networking sites and make it less boring. You can post links and also have the chances to like and comment and the best of all is that your friends are the ones who can see them so it would not be a boring experience online.

Over three hundred and sixty million people all over the world use WeChat and still increasing. It’s very much faster than the emailing systems and also cheaper than text messaging so what else do you need in social networking? Videos, audios, texts, visuals, stickers and so many more all for your exploration in this wonder packed social networking site.

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