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Top Seven iPhone application development tools: How they are helping iOS developers?

Since Apple launched iOS as its mobile operating system to create apps for small screens, it has become a favorite app development platform. C, C++, and Swift are the main coding languages to create apps for this platform. Use of these highly sophisticated coding languages allows developers to create innovative apps with quality codes. This high-end platform is currently used as an operating system in iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

The growing use of mobile devices and customer expectations to access and get in touch with service providers have fired up the trend of apps and iPhone application development in Dubai. As more users are carrying these devices, developers are compelled to create suitable apps for these devices. In addition to possessing satisfying knowledge of using these programming languages, developers are required to use the right set of tools.

Here I am sharing few of the most useful tools; developers can use to do their job efficiently and effortlessly.


In fact, this tool is code, which helps developers to document the iOS app they are working. As we know proper documentation is the critical requirement for smooth development, use of Jazzy makes sense. It documents the project and enables programmers to grasp the aim for writing codes.


This open source instant messaging/chat room system by Github (a web-based hosting company) facilitates developers to collaborate within the organization. Public and private chat regarding the project is no longer a problem after using this tool.


Rendered from Swift Programming language, Charter is an exceptional development tool for iOS developments. It maintains not only the language mailing list on Apple devices but also provides the online and offline view with message support thread for the conversation.


Technically it’s a plugin code, which can enhance color work in the project. It gives developers access to custom colors they have defined in the code.  Moreover, it allows them to use directly in Interface Builder. Use of this plugin allows eliminating the need for the manual recreation of shades in Color Picker. Color palettes can be shared using class methods or UI Color categories.


Qordoba is a visual web-based solution SDK (software development kit), which is used for editing and managing mobile app UI and metadata of apps. It delivers new languages and updated content to users via Qordoba Kit and enables developers to add, remove or edit the language of the existing content without asking app owners to resubmit their applications to App Store.

Swift Express

Swift Express is a set of simple yet powerful tools created in Swift. This tool offers a framework and a simple routing mechanism. It keeps the app running efficiently along with managing project dependencies. Besides this, local development environment and tools simplify deployment and management via centralized control and monitoring of assets.

iOS Up

This tool has free software suites, which can be easily downloaded. Programmers can use this high-quality asset to develop enhanced iPhone apps.

Conclusion: Above mentioned tools are efficiently helping iOS developers in iPhone application development in Dubai and enabling them to create exciting and user-friendly

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