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If you feel your iPhone is slowing down so prefer these steps

Here’s exactly what you can do if you feel your iPhone is slowing down

If you feel your iPhone is slowing down after you’ve been using it for years, it means that it has reached its age and has started to worn out. That’s because Apple intentionally slows down iPhone with old batteries, Apple recently admitted this and apologized as angry apple fans are highly disappointed believing the company is trying to trick them.

Are you wondering what’s slowing down your iPhone performance? Apple uploaded a power management tool that will determine what’s affecting your phone battery. In addition, Apple is providing battery replacement to speed up your phone in a cheaper way. Before you opt for any option you need to check if Apple is slowing down your phone.

How to tell if Apple is slowing down iPhone performance?

1)      Affected model

If you have an iPhone model older than iPhone 6 then your phone is expected to slow down this time by now. If you have iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 7 Plus then your iPhone is not likely to get affected. Users can update their phone to the latest software and check their phone performance. Check the version your phone is running on, you can do this going to Settings> General> About.

2)      Check your battery health

The more battery you consume, the more it will get affected. In order to check your battery health, you can download Battery Life Doctor from the App Store. The app will tell you the details regarding your battery performance. When you see your iPhone not performing well, it means it has been affected by the iOS changes.

How to fix it

Make some space

Check your storage and space left on your phone. It’s better to regularly clear some space by deleting messages, photos, and videos. Although iPhone has additional storage space than before, excessive phone memory can still clog the phone performance. It’s advisable to make some space on your phone and once you do it you’ll feel your phone performing speedily.

Delete unnecessary apps

Keeping tons of apps on our phones is one way of destructing our phone batteries. Deleting unused, unnecessary apps can give a boost to your phone performance. By clicking on the home screen twice you can get rid of the unwanted apps.

Backup your data

Another element that can lead to slowing down your app performance is not backing up your data regularly. It’s necessary to back up your mobile data to ensure you don’t lose important information and contact details. Don’t forget to secure your data with two-factor authentication. Moreover, you can turn off location service and background fresh app activity to speed up your phone activity.

Use low power mode

Using the low power mode can potentially save your phone battery and help it last longer. When your iPhone battery reaches 20% it automatically activates the low power mode and when your phone reaches 80% it turns off. The mode turns off background activity and location services to save battery. This is a good idea for those who want to increase their battery time substantially.

Do a clean iOS installation

After backing up your phone data, you can try cleaning your iOS installation to see how your phone is performing. By doing this you can compare the performance. In addition, you can run a test to determine what’s deteriorating your app performance. The test will tell if there’s something wrong with the iOS software update or applications running your phone that is slowing down the performance.

Tone down your phone graphics

The iOS update introduced three new 3D wallpapers which makes your background look dimensional. You can reduce the motion on your phone by going to Settings> General> Accessibility> Turn the reduce motion on. If it’s still slow you can Increase contrast and Reduce transparency to turn off heaving graphics.

Replace your iPhone battery

When all else fails, it’s time you get your iPhone battery replaced. You can opt for upgrading your phone if your pocket allows or you can simply go for a replacement. Even if you plan to sell your phone and get a new one you’ll have to get your phone battery changed in any case. Consider replacing your battery before it gets more deteriorated.

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