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To beat your competition, it’s important you have the best tools available at your disposal.

It lets you find new opportunities, save time, and learn what else you can do to boost your SEO ratings.

Following, we are going to discuss different types of Free SEO tools available on the internet.

Different Types of SEO Tools

If they are free, it doesn’t mean they are useful, SEO tools are used by agencies and consultants as they really help to optimize the site for a better ranking.

There is a wide variety available, so it’s hard to pinpoint the most effective one.

So, to help you understand their different categories, we are breaking them one by one, and explaining as following.

Ranking Tool

It’s important to know where your site ranks.

It helps to see whether your marketing efforts are paying off or not. PageRank Checker This lets you focus on the campaign, improving your ROI, and see a massive increase in your traffic.

These tools help you without the need of going through page after page.

Technical Tools

Digging around at the back-end of your website helps you to understand how it works, find any issues, and optimize it to improve.

This tool helps you in your attempt to reach your goal ranking.

Link Building Tools

Google might say link building is dead. Still, you can win big if you put effort into it. Link building still remains as one of the most important ranking factors, and you can’t skip it.

It’s understandable that link building methods weren’t popular back in the day, but with recent updates and content writing being evolved, it has become much simpler now.

If your content is good enough, you will improve brand awareness, and make your site authoritative.

Keyword Analysis Tool

There is no SEO without proper keywords.

Yes, keywords guide the search engine and its user to your website.

They show how popular your site is. So, you have to use them wisely

Well, thanks to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner “Hiding” Data, Keyword Analysis, and Research has become quite a challenge.

Still, it’s an effective way to find hidden opportunities for improving your site traffic, and showing off your content to your audience.

Keyword Analysis Tools can be a real help; they provide you with critical data, you interpret it, and use it to make a real difference.

Thankfully, there are a few free tools available to help you get a taste before you buy something premium.

Link Removal Tools

Every SEO mastermind hopes he never has to go through link removing.

But let’s face it, we all have been there. It’s dreadful, but if your links aren’t doing any good to your site, you might as well get rid of them.

It has become a necessity for sites hit with the Google Penguin algorithm. It can be frustrating but removing bad links can literally save your site.

If you are lucky enough and are not hit by a penalty, you can still remove some old links to prevent a negative SEO attack.

Moreover, if your content is posted on multiple sites, it can still leave you in a dire situation, and so it’s best to get rid of the bad links before you get hit with a penalty.

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