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The Basics of Content Writing and Content Marketing

Content is King is the most common phrase used in the digital marketing industry. Be it a newbie or someone who is highly proficient in Digital Marketing, they all are very much aware of the fact that it is content which is the backbone of all the work that one does on their Digital Marketing campaign. Here in this article, we will tell you some basics about how to go about the content that you write, and also about what kind of content marketing measures should you use in order to generate good traffic on your Website. Take a look

Focus On the Quality of Your Content:

It is extremely important to focus on the quality of content that you write. Starting right from the title to the introductory paragraph to everything that comes till the end, you should take care of a few things. Number one, the content that you write should be unique, each and every word should be your own and you should not think about spinning the content just to make it quick. Also, you should see to it that the title of your article should have the 5 W’s and 1 H in it, meaning whatever you write should start in a question form and end with a question mark as Google loves it. More than that you should see that the introductory paragraph, defines what your article is about in a brief manner, the further paragraphs can go on detailing more and making it clearer for the reader to read. You should avoid using jargons (technical words) and abbreviations with explaining their full form at least once.

Uniformity in Content:

One more thing that you should be extremely cautious about should be the uniformity in the content that you write. Be it any niche that you are writing about, you need to make sure that everything you write about has the uniformity maintained. One point and another point should be co-related in some or the other way.

Use of Infographics:

When we say you need to focus on content, we do not just mean the textual content that you are writing about. Content in the line of Digital marketing is all about starting right from the textual kind of content, to the infographics, to images and even videos. All the different kind of content come from the head of content marketing. You need to make sure that every kind of content that you are producing needs to come under one single umbrella, of the topic that you are writing about.

You should make sure that the kind of infographics and videos that you provide them with has an equal number of infographics because Google loves as much editing as you can give it to them. This is so because this kind of content makes your website more interesting to view.

The Marketing Part:

Now that you have focused on your content and know how to write for what kind of medium. You should take care of the mediums that you are posting your content on. Sure it is important to make sure that your blog has a great reach, but apart from that, you should also take care of all the social media platforms. Be it Instagram, be it Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr, Twitter or whatever. You should see to it that you use different permutations and combinations of Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing in order to generate maximum profits.

This was all but just a glimpse into the extremely vast world of Content Marketing. To know more about this field or be it any other field related to digital marketing, enroll at Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi and get trained by the best Digital Marketers that the nation has to offer.

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