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Forget about Keyword Rankings – Grading Your SEO is the Key

Most professionals focus on looking for the best options to ensure top ranking for websites. Some of the techniques they consider include paid services and SEO campaigns. They run SEO campaigns and determine its effectiveness regularly for the keywords they want the website to rank for. Next, they get reports for website traffic and prepare a chart displaying average ranking of targeted keywords.

Have you spent a significant amount of money on SEO? Then it is natural to be obsessed with keyword ranking. Getting to the top position on SERP can be one of the best rewards for your money spent. However, a keyword is not the precise factor that measures your online success.

In order to understand the aspects which demonstrations if your SEO campaign is working or not, go through the factors stated below:

The Significance of Relevancy

You must give importance to relevancy as it will help you get results. Long tail keyword phrases are a crucial building block of any SEO strategy. Professionals have been utilizing this strategy because they understand that use of long tail keyword covers a lot of relevant information. This also increases the likelihood of getting ranked well on major search engines. Long tail keywords boost the overall relevancy of a website to help appropriate web pages appear for the right kind of visitors at the right place.

However, this does not matter really because the ranking is not definite for all visitors due to the availability of vast the medium of searches such as the following:

– Device location

– Google voice search

– Display of result by Google based on history

– Many more

Presently, there is nothing as “page 1”. Google provides only customized results via utilizing Rankbrain, AI. It works towards assessing search queries in detail for achieving the following goals:

– Receive better answer

– Making search results less predictable

– Reduced control over the place and time of appearance of the website


This clearly indicates that your ‘page 1’ will be totally different from the one that results from a search conducted three miles away.

Since the entire search queries will be displayed here, Google search console can be a great help.  You can easily have a look at the overall rank of the website with regard to the concerned keyword. By utilizing the above-mentioned technique, it is clear that success with SEO cannot be determined by website ranking for a single keyword. In fact, it is judged by the presence of the website for a number of search terms or keyword for which the site shows top position.

This search engine optimization strategy displaying authority and relevancy for a variety of search terms as well as for the specific geographic area can effectively increase the likelihood of your website to be displayed for varied search phrases and terms and phrases. This ensures ample opportunity to be seen among the results.

If you are serious about achieving relevancy, focus on optimization (both on page and off page) combined with link building.

Estimate Organic Growth

Measuring organic search for your website is crucial. Here, you need to make sure that new visitors to your website increase with organic search. The increase should not cease. Let it continue from month to month and even further. New visitors to your website should increase with special focus to your target audience. For the professional SEO grading, visit

When it comes to increased conversion rates for new visitors, you need to work very hard. You can track the number of phone calls that are being made through ‘call to action’. Also, check the actual number of registration forms that get filled.

Conversion Counting

Conversion is crucial for a business to achieve success. Now this conversion can be made ONLY on the basis of a healthy association between a specific organization and customer. The relation should be based on reliability and faith.


Therefore, prior to thinking about anything else, simply focus on the outcome. Make sure your basic goal is to attract customers (target audience) and flood your inbox with the requests and forms. In order to achieve this target, you require an SEO strategy that verifies your success, build brand name and screens the metrics.

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