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Creating Effective SMS Marketing Messages – Top Tips

Getting started with SMS marketing has given businesses a lot of benefits. It is one of the most popular choices among business owners in marketing their business. In the presence of so many marketing tools which can be used to achieve your business goals. But many of those marketing tools require a lot of efforts, money and time. In the case of transactional bulk SMS marketing, you don’t need to apply many efforts and the investment is also lesser as compared to other marketing tools. To get started with bulk SMS, you will need a bulk SMS reseller who can provide bulk SMS to you. After getting that, you can get started with SMS marketing. What you need to remember is that you cannot just stuff information in your SMS. so how to write an SMS which can be very effective in conveying your message to your customers? And how to get them motivated to act in a certain way? How to build a good brand image? Let us see how can a little planning strategy can go far!

Display Your Business Name

This is one of the major steps that people forget to do which gets all of their marketing efforts to a waste! You must always remember to add your business name in your SMS, this will help you to build a brand image. Afterall, we don’t want people to wonder who the message is from, right? You want your message display to appear like this :

From: ABC fashion store

Qualify Your Customers

You don’t want your customers to wonder where did you get their number from. Qualifying your customers will help them recall your brand and their experience with you. Identify your customer beforehand, mention your relationship at the beginning of the SMS. For eg, if the person you are sending SMS to is your store member, you can start your message like “Dear member” or “Dear customer”. If you mention how recipient came into your list it will be easier for them to communicate with you.

Add an Interesting Call-to-Action

You can get customer engagement if you add a quality call to action. if you want your customers to act in a certain way. Mention that in your SMS. for eg, “Buy now” “visit now” etc. in this way you can motivate your customer to act in a certain way. The customer will know what to do next if they find themselves interested.

Always Share Good Quality Information

When people share their numbers with you to hear from you, they expect a good sense of value from you. Remember to always share only those offers and services to your customers which you know are going to provide your customers with some sense of value. Your customer’s response will tell you how well your strategy is performing.

Don’t Unnecessarily use Abbreviations and Funky Language

You want your customer to understand what you are sending in your SMS. for that you have to make sure that you use a simple language which your customers can understand. If you unnecessarily put too many abbreviations, you might not clearly communicate with your customers.

SMS Marketing – When is it too Much?

Reaching to your customer not only requires just sending them an SMS and letting them know about the products and services that you offer. But the essential key is to reach your customers at the right time. If you are just sending SMS to your customers blindly, this article is for you!

Transactional Bulk SMS plays a major role in letting your customers know about what you have to offer them, about the new offers to avail, festive deals etc. but the success of these SMS campaigns lies in knowing when to reach out to your customer, how to reach them and also how to present yourself. A poor presentation may also lead to failure of the SMS campaign.

Sending Transactional bulk SMS requires sending SMS to your customers on right time, which means if you have a hospitality industry, you need to tell customers about your offers at the time of summer or winter vacations or monsoon offers. Before formulating an SMS marketing strategy you need to understand who are your target customers and what would they like to hear from you? And also how often to reach out to them. The best way is to form a Bulk SMS strategy in such a way that you reach out to them on the same day of the week at same time. This will ensure your brand recall. Understand that sending SMS every week and at the same time does not mean that you send them anything which is of no use to them.

Always send your customers something which will provide them value. Let your customers know that you genuinely care to provide them with the best possible services.

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