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12 WordPress SEO Hacks to Boost Your Business Website Traffic

What we all want, Google-friendly websites, traffic and higher ranking in Search results. But, there is not one factor, you need to focus on, there is steady hard working, and regular update, plus sleepless lights behind every successful blog. You cannot be born as an expert- but you need to read experts, and not to fall into trap what others had fallen into.

We all do mistakes, but we should learn from those mistakes, and not repeat them. But, over the time, when you are busy, it is easy to publish not well research content and be off to next thing on your to-do list. One time or two times, you can handle this, and this would not hurt your SEO, but over the years, if you will start doing this. It is going to hurt your website’s plus traffic.

These are some hacks; you need to follow if you have a WordPress website.

  1. Fresh content
    Now, I can say this, without of any doubt- Google loves fresh content. Fresh and unique content is like fresh blood for your body. Over the years Google had evolved, and now the better algorithm he got. Google Hummingbird, now is enough genuine to decide what to rank and what to not. It is often said, Google bots are not human but they act like humans just because, they trained by humans.
    So, in this era where we are living, Google got the algorithm to filter the unique and fresh content. Make your content unique with free plagiarism checker tools, you can also use some paid tools. If put fresh and unique content- believe me, you would rank your blog faster and better than your competitors. And content size also does matter, though RankBrain decides the intentions of your landing on a blog. And your content should be accordingly your blog niche.
  2. Create proper keywords lists
    Keyword listing and keyword researching are the most famous and important to rank a keyword. You know what Google Indexes on database, Keywords. You need to optimize your blog accordingly keywords. You should create content for that keyword which People Searches. There can be different keywords of the same product; you should find those keywords which people use to search on Google. There is more than one tool which can make you able to find the most used keywords.
  3. Analyze your website’s SEO
    You need to check the overall SEO of your website. On-page SEO should be the first on the to-do list. In, on-page SEO there can be more than one thing. Like, Most of the people underestimate Meta descriptions, Meta tags, article titles and like in the row and only try to create backlinks. I am not saying, backlinks got any value but the first priority should be on-page. It would be better if you install an SEO plugin to check the overall SEO of your blog, which could analyze the website speed, size of the page, and other things. If do not have a wordpress website, you can use seo checker tool by prepostseo.
  4. URL structure:
    One of the important things, you need to change when you make your website WordPress is URL structures. By default URL structure can spoil all of your SEO strategies, and can make you go deep down on the web. Do not go with the default URL what WordPress offers in the setting, you can go with Post name URL to make URL SEO friendly. If you had made many posts on the default URL and now you want to change this to the post name URL, you need to redirect the pages to new addresses.
  5. Attractive titles:
    The attractive and appealing title is the soul of good search engine optimization. When someone searches a keyword phrase on Google, the search engines offers top ten results. And if you are not in the #1 ranking, but you are on the first page of Google, and also had created attractive titles, greater chances, the user will click on your website. Try to put the main keywords at the beginning of the article title, and also use some compelling words like latest, 2018, unusual, best etc.
  6. Meta description:
    Though Google Matt Cutts had revealed, Meta tags are not into account to accumulate the ranking score. Still, it is a good practice to include unique Meta description in your post.Meta description had been a greater part of the SEO, and it can decrease or increase your click-through rates.
  7. Submit your WordPress site to search engines:
    To drive traffic to your business website, you need to be top in the search results. What the benefits of a website can be if, the website is not in the top results of the Google, and other search engines. One needs to submit the website to the top search engines, especially on Google search console. Create website sitemap, and submit that sitemap to Google. As, XML sitemap holds all the links, web pages, and drop down menus of the site, and it can increase the website ranking on the searches.
  8. Interlinking of the content:
    Most of the SEO guys do not include interlinking the part of the link building. Believe me, this is one of the major and best-ranking factors, and if you could use it properly, according to the need, you could rank your website just because of this But, do not force the links of your blogs into each other- the presence of the interlinking should be natural. And use the proper anchor text to interlinking your business website posts.
  9. Use images wisely:
    A picture worth thousands of words, you would have heard this saying. The exact meaning and use of this quote I found in SEO. If you could use images, try to buy the images or edit yourself or use royalty free images, you can rank your posts better than your competitors. Must use ALT tags in the images, as Google differentiate the images using ALT tags, Google does not know what is the content in images, alt tags show it? So, put the descriptions in the images as well, to optimize it properly. And use the images very often if needed- high resolutions images are preferred.
  10. Website navigation and user experience
    Nowadays, SEO is all about providing the good user experience. You can say, the user experience worth equally as Good backlinks worth. Navigations, on the other hand, got a good weight. You should not confuse the user- when he landed on your blog to read or find some services. Navigation should be clean, and one could go from one page of the website to any other page easily.
  11. Backlinks:
    Do you know the number one ranking factor on Google “Backlinks”? Backlinks still got the more weight compare to any other thing in search engine optimization. And Google matt cuts had already cleared the buzz; Links and Good content are the most necessary. And it depends upon you how you follow the backlink strategy. There can be more than one ways to get backlinks, blog commenting, guest posting, directory submission can be in the count.
  12. Block spam comments:
    When people leave comments on your blog, for Google it counts the blog content. So, you have to block those irrelevant and spammy comments from your block. Otherwise, it will hunt you down and the ranking will be dropped.
  13. Social Sharing:
    People do not use this mind-blowing opportunity wisely. Otherwise, the content marketing has been earning a fortune, just because of this social sharing and using the social campaigns. You need to read some useful content, about using Social media to drive traffic to your WordPress blog.
  14. Update the content
    Fresh content and regular update can make you reach the top of the search results. Get to know the loopholes in your content- and figure out them. Update the content very often- if not possible, should end some more lines or even edit the already available content to make it user-friendly.

If you could follow these steps- I am sure you will be a successful businessman and could run an online as well as offline business successfully.

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