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10 Keys To Boosting Your Site’s SEO

Meta Description: Your website’s SEO is highly important to bring it to the forefront of Google. Good Layout and video links attract visitors to your site. One example of a great layout is the website of Spectrum Internet. Read on to find 10 top hacks that are sure to boost your website’s SEO.

Google is kind of like a huge library when you access it for any kind of information. A user usually goes through the first page of Google containing links to their information and someone in dire need only goes through the second and third page. As a student when I first started college, I was clueless. Only after getting Spectrum Double Play, and working on the first project that I started getting the hang of how the research was done on Google. I would pay attention to the first page only and just skims through the rest of the pages. The point is your website’s SEO is highly important to bring it to the forefront of Google.

Here are 10 ways, which if adopted, can help you in boosting your website’s SEO

1- Relevant Content

Sounds basic, right? Well, whether it sounds basic or not, this is highly important. Your website should be up-to-date with the recent trends of the market so gradually, your site becomes the go-to-place for the user to consume content when it comes to relevance.

2- Readability of the Content

Having mellifluous and poetic tone of your content garners only a specific category of an audience. So, it’s better to have your content’s language in a way which is easy to read and approachable to the maximum target audience and it doesn’t give a vibe that your site creates content for just a specific audience. After all, no one wants to read a dissertation on their casual hours.

3- Metadata

Metadata is the description of the content that contains keywords that will help in searching for your content on Google. The Meta description should be neither more nor less than 320 words or even less. As this description is displayed beneath the title of your content, its efficiency and language should be efficient to attract the audience. Keywords should also be precise and specific so that your content is displayed on top of the Google search.

4- Having Address and Contact Us page

Ability to reach out to a company whose content is being consumed by a user makes a user believe that the company is authentic and they are not being scammed. A “contact us” tab at the bottom or top of the page does the job and even having an email address and responding to it timely makes your content approachable and helps in becoming the talk of the town.

5- Uploading Images

If your content contains images, it’s better to upload them with a caption containing keywords of your content so they also get visible on Google Images enhancing the SEO of your website.

6- Mobile Optimization

There are more users consuming content on their mobile and handheld devices rather using laptops or computers. If your website’s page gets uploaded efficiently on a mobile device, then it’s a higher chance of your content being more consumed.

7- Having Multimedia links

Adding video, audio links, which are relevant to your content, also helps in making your site more approachable. For example, if there’s a link to a YouTube video in your article, having a title with your keywords, your content will appear in the video searches. Relevant gifs also attract the audience because these two to four-second videos are entertaining.

8- Header Tags

If your content looks plain and bland, a user gets dejected or just skims through the content. Adding multiple headings in a different format and even highlighting some of the quotes helps in keeping a user attentive and glued to your content.

9- Social Sharing

If your website has enough audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat; then adding links of your content on all social media platforms increases audience engagement. People sharing your content shows how much relevant and relatable is your content.

10- Site navigation and Architecture

If your website does not have a layout, which is pleasing to the eyes; if its layout is bland and boring, then there is a higher chance that the consumer will leave the website soon. Cox Customer Service page is one good example of a great layout. Even having a good font keeps the user engaged in the content of a website. Apart from that, adding relevant content at the end of an article also helps in garnering traffic to the rest of the website.

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