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This Desktop App “MyFenjol Mail” Offers Easy Ways to Convert Gmail Emails to PDF

Too many of us end up wasting a lot of hours simply trying to organize our email. The whole ordeal of going through your email, looking for mails with a specific sender, checking the details, scrolling, and surfing and then listing everything down can be very time consuming. In such cases, the smarter solution would be to have an app which could readily sort things for you in a somewhat automated manner.

It was this thinking that spurted the development of MyFenjol Mail. This app has been developed by an individual along with his partner and is not the think-tank of any company as such. The sole reason behind the development of the app is to help people cut down on the time otherwise taken to sort the stuff and to have their email organized every day.

So, let us see precisely what this app serves to do.

MyFenjol Mail is a newly launched app which helps in converting the emails into PDFs. This is a new desktop application which has been designed to efficiently and quickly convert all the emails into PDF files. The emails can be converted as per the date range, labels or even

It is currently available for both Windows and Mac. One can use different filters like the date range or even the labels and sub-labels and then speedily convert them into pdf files without any hassles whatsoever. This feature helps in making this app semi-automated as you can relax, do other tasks and ensure that the different filters will help in the easy conversion of emails to PDF files.

A lot of people tend to prefer PDF files as it so easy to navigate and makes information access much simpler and systematic. Those who are tired of shuffling through too many emails should make it a point to check out the details of this app. MyFenjol Mail has been smartly designed and one of its key features has to be the ease of use.

When this app was made, extra care was taken to ensure that it didn’t demand too much training. The whole process of conversion is remarkably simple and it is this ease of use which has led to the popularity of MyFenjol Mail. Moreover, this app is currently free which means that it is not going to hurt to use it once and find out how it works. Of course, there are plans to add more features in the future. The developer definitely wants to launch both the Android and iOS version of the app. The fact that it is currently free should give the right impetus to too many people to use it and check how it helps them out.

If you are tired of the hours lost while checking and organizing your email every day, this app could definitely be a real life saver for you. So, do keep an eye out on how MyFenjol Mail could help you save precious hours at work.

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