Role of Colors in logo designing and their Utilization

Logo designing is the unique procedure that involves utilization of different characteristics in it. The human mind is designed in such way that it is highly responsive to a visual provocation.

Color is a prominent feature that plays an important role to gather the attention of people and the human mind is highly responsive to it. Colors show meaning on the conscious and subconscious level in the real world. If you take colors out of your life then a lot of things in life can become meaningless.

Color is referred as the important feature that holds the special importance in the procedure of logo designing because its correct utilization can help you in the progress of your business and it can also increase consumers for your business as well.

This article is going to explain that how colors can be used wisely in your logo designs and where colors should be used according to their meaning. Affordable Logo design services give importance to the application of colors in their designing procedures by understanding the power of color psychology to bring resonance to their designs.

The use of color can bring different layers of meaning, from primitive responses based on millions of years of developed instinct to the complex associations we make based on learned assumptions.

These responses help several business firms to improve their business. Your success as a Proficient logo designer will be enhanced if you have a proper understanding of color psychology.

According to the research of psychologists, people get affected by colors very quickly. They have found a strong correlation between colors and emotional responses. Selection of the right color for your logo design is critical because it decides that how your brand is viewed by your target audience.

The designers of top logo design company state that every color including black and white has implications for logo design. As a designer, you need to choose your colors carefully to enhance particular elements of the logo and to bring distinction to your message with the use of shade and tone.

Bright and bold colors are usually attention-grabbing but they can appear impulsive. Muted tones convey a more mature image, but run the risk of being overlooked. Custom logo designers often use different colors to show different aspects of the society through their logo designs.

Meaning of Different Colors

Different colors display different meanings. Red is known as the color of passion and energy and it has been also used to excite hunger that is why a logo design agency always emphasize on the utilization of red color while constructing a logo for a restaurant.

Renowned restaurants and food chains like KFC, McDonald and Pizza Hut have utilized red color in their logos. Red color can make your logo look more dynamic.

Orange is seen as the color of innovation and modern thinking. It also carries the implication of youth, fun, affordability, and approachability. The orange color in the logo of famous soft drink Mirinda shows the element of fun and innovation.

The yellow color is linked with happiness and optimism. A yellow color in a logo gives positive vibes and it shows that your company is friendly. This color quickly grabs the attention of people. Yellow is used in the logo of “CAT” which is a famous brand of clothing and shoes.

Green is commonly used when an organization wishes to emphasize their natural and ethical references, especially with such products which are organic and vegetarian foods. The presence of green color in the logo of famous TV channel” Animal planet” shows that it is used to describe certain attributes of nature.

Blue is the color that is used mostly in corporate logos. It indicates professionalism, sincerity, and calm. Logos of the organizations like Dell, ford and American express are the finest example of the utilization of blue color because it shows professionalism and logic.

Professional logo creators are praised for their brilliant utilization of colors in the logo designs of the above-mentioned organizations.

Utilization of Colors

The best logo designers will always analyze the nature and requirement of work and then utilize the single or multiple colors. Colors used in Olympic logo showed a message of variety in order to display a variety of different countries.

New trends in logo designing require several colors, ranging from contrasting bright to multiple shades of a single color.

Global Thinking

While dealing with a global corporation you should choose your logo carefully. Different colors have different meanings in different cultures. For example, red is considered lucky in China, while white is the color of death in different South Asian countries. That is why it is necessary to have the global awareness in the procedure of logo designing.

Logo designing is impossible without colors that is why it is important to choose colors wisely for a logo by understanding their significance and proper meaning.

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