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There was a time, when employees in a company had to do manual labor. But came the computer, and manual work reduced by 50 percent. Then the internet brought the entire globe as one human race. Innovations led us to mobiles and 2016 can be called as the year of apps. Now, computer industry experts predict cloud technology to make a huge impact in the business sector. In the past century, the construction of power systems for generating electricity to homes created world wide news. Similarly, in the future, technological revolution in the way of cloud technology is going to change human lives.

In just five years, by the year 2025, the negative assumptions on cloud technology must have reduced drastically. Many small and medium businesses will find the cloud technology more flexible in terms of usage. Nearly ninety percent of the businesses will have their companies in the cloud platforms.

Shall we look at the basic changes because of cloud technology in the future?

  1. Software Completely Separated From Hardware

Cloud technology has already made a mark in many businesses. In fact, the applications from cloud, automate businesses that use CRM, HR, PSA and ERP systems from remote servers. In the future, you may be working in India, but the server is present thousands of miles away, maybe, in the US. And to retrieve a single information, you may have to get access to various filters before starting to interact with a person.

  1. Different Software

Innovations are happening even in the field of software. As cloud platforms become popular, complex software programs with prime focus on security are in the pipeline of many organizations. These softwares will require a new type of code, and has to developed keeping in mind of various circumstances.

Just imagine the situation. In the near future, maybe, after seven years, applications will not be stored in one cloud. They may be situated in servers of various cloud services. The fees of using the cloud services and storing the applications in the cloud can become a path changer in the business sector.

  1. Data security

Since many industry sectors will move over to cloud platforms, even the security level of data centers will assume prime importance. The requirements for SSL protocol will change. At present, the 256 bits is in use, but please note, in the past, there was the 56 bit and 60 bit encryption. Because of security requirements, not everyone will have access to the data centers. For physically entering the premises, you will have to use the electronic key or follow the biometric scanning procedure.

  1. Gaming Industry Will Become Popular

Gaming is all set to grow a larger scale with cloud computing. Passionate individuals can play on their favorite games on their mobiles having connection to the cloud. The main reason – non-stop speed connection, no fear of interruption. Now physicians are using the same way to educate patients on their illnesses and to a better future. Physicians will get access to valuable information and medical reports at a short notice and this can save human lives in times of emergency.

  1. Easy Communication

Just imagine, you are an entrepreneur. You recently opened a home maintenance company in Hyderabad to offer handyman professionals to all parts of India. So, for maintaining the ledger on various services such as AC repair in Hyderabad, plumbers in Bangalore, and electricians in Pune you need to have a very advanced software. Companies, are in fact working on complex software that can run across a variety of applications. Interaction will become easy.


Agreed. Not many companies approve of the cloud platform. The main reason, security. They may be afraid that a hacker will steal confidential data. But, cut to the future, as innovations happen, cloud technology will be the standard platform for the businesses. But there is a catch. Only persons who stay updated in the recent technical advancements of cloud technology can get the best benefits. So, to sustain in the fiercely competitive world, it is always better to remain in tandem with the technological news.

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