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Electricity plays an important role in our lives. Our life depends on electricity as we wake in cold or warm environment through an Air Conditioner or Heater which is run by electricity. Our rooms lighten up through electric lights, our breakfast is prepared through electrical appliances in the kitchen and so on. Considering the variety of Electrical Supplies including  LED Lights in the market, there are plenty of things one needs to consider before buying. If you are one of those people who are wondering in electrical stores about which LED Light they should buy according to their needs, then we have got a great deal of information for you.


LED lights are the form of energy saving lights that can be installed anywhere in residential or the commercial buildings. Some of these LED lights have unique capabilities to enlighten your place. There is a long range of LED lights in many electrical hardware stores but here we have some of the basic LED lights types along with some details. Let’s have a look:

LED DOWNLIGHTS: These are the basic LED lights that can be used in your household or the offices. These lights are faced towards the ground and come in small sizes, so it is easy to install them in a small space.

LED TUBE LIGHTS:  Although tube lights seem old, LED tube lights have replaced the old tube light with advanced technology LED tube light. These save energy as much as the LED small lights and comes in various sizes from 60cm to 120cm.

DIMMABLE LED DOWNLIGHTS: This type of LED lights is also very common in the market. These lights have a built-in technology that allows you to adjust the brightness or the dimness of light according to your own wishes. These are also faced towards the ground.

TRICOLOR DIMMABLE LED LIGHTS: Multi-color LED lights are a new trend and it does seem interesting. Some of the LED lights come in tri-color. When you turn on the light it changes it colors after every few instances.

HIGH LUMEN OUTPUT LED LIGHTS: High Lumen Output LED Lights are especially designed for commercial uses. They have more intense light beam output and they are built to last longer than the other lights. Road light or sports arenas use this kind of LED lights.

LED FLOOD LIGHTS & SENSOR LIGHTS FOR OUTDOORS: A larger and more effective version of LED lights is flooded lights and sensor lights. These come in different sizes and range and these are specifically made for outdoors. Sensory LED lights are installed in the alleys and in the doorways where they sense a person coming and going and lit up the area.

LED OUTDOOR GARDEN LIGHTS: Another variety of LED outdoor light is Garden lights that are particularly installed in the gardens. They come is different sizes and can bright or dim the light according to your desire.

LED STRIP LIGHTS: We often notice the embellished lights in clubs or bars, well these LED strip lights can do enlighten the room in a colorful manner through different attractive shades.

LED OYSTER LIGHTS: These LED lights come in the shape of an oyster which makes them unique and beautiful. These can be installed anywhere on the walls to light your room or the office.

EDISON SCREW & BAYONET LED BULBS: These specific bulbs and bulb-shaped LED lights can be used in residential and in the commercial sector.

LED GLOBES & LAMPS: different sorts of LED globes and lamps are available in the market that can be used for indoor decorations.

LED PANEL LIGHTS, HIGHBAY, AND BATTENS: Weather resistant and to serve light on a big space like warehouses, LED panel and batten lights are available in different sizes.

With some of the basic knowledge of LED Lights, we hope people can now buy the LED lights in any electrical store like Electrical Wholesaler in Australia. AGM Electrical among leading in Electrical Wholesalers Australia has been a very reliable company which manufacture a variety of LED Lights with numerous features. Every product of AGM Electrical is in superb quality and available in Electrical Wholesaler online hardware store where people love to buy their products in Australia.

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