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Plugins to Ensure Your WordPress Website is More User-Friendly

It is crucial for a website to be user-friendly. To be precise, it should allow visitors to your website navigate without any difficulty. User interaction with varied elements must be intuitive and all content must be easy to read. The idea is to help guide visitors to where they want to go.

This is possible only if you provide functionality that’s easy to use and exceedingly useful. No WordPress is the most preferred platform in this respect. And WordPress plugins help to add user-friendliness in one form or the other. If you are a web designer, then you must add features that have a positive impact on user experience.

Here is a list of plugins that will do just that:

WordPress Store Locator

The plugin helps clients locate the nearest location. Business owners with multiple locations look for an easy way for their users to find a path to their door. People would like to know where the business owner is and how to get there. Additionally, they will also require instant access to other important information including services offered, business hours, and the best way to get in touch. This plugin proves to be a comprehensive solution. It utilizes geo-location to guide users automatically. All locations are planned out attractively on a map. Each one can have its own listing.

Any Mobile Theme – The Switcher

This plugin helps detecting the browser user is working with. Thereafter, it loads a theme that WordPress site administrator has assigned to that specific. The plugin needs to be used because there are times when the browser won’t render website exactly the way you want it. So you can make sure the browser in use can get the best possible experience from your website.

It is simple to associate a theme to a browser. All you need to do is go to Settings | Any Mobile Theme. Thereafter, choose a theme for each browser. Any Mobile Theme Switcher will make sure your website functions really well with every mobile browser.

Touchy – Support Mobile Users

These days, website users prefer accessing websites on mobile phones. These users expect additional features that can cater to the major strengths of their device. So these should be integrated with fancy features such as search designed for smaller screens, click-to-call, touch navigation, etc. Mobile users should be given features to enhance their overall experience.

The plugin named Touchy is highly recommended by freelance web designers & developers. When added to the website, it will offer all conveniences that mobile users usually expect. The plugin allows a 100% customizable header and navigation built specifically for small screens. A single touch is enough for users to email or makes calls.

Facebook Live Chat for WordPress – One-on-One Communication

Visitors may require extra support or help. Although they can email directly or fill out a contact form, they may move elsewhere by the time you can respond to them. Here, adding a live chat feature will allow you to interact with users in real time! This facilitates you to build a credulous relationship. It makes clear how concerned you are about customer service. This will result in increased conversions.

The Facebook Live Chat for WordPress plugin promises a very simple and effective way to bring live chat to your website. All you need to do is install the plugin and enter your Facebook page URL. Once you do this, you’re all set. This will help all of the visitors to your website contact you through a dialogue box connected to Facebook Messenger. You can respond to them immediately.

Product Filter for WooCommerce – Help Users Find the Perfect Product

The plugin enables you to sell online without any hassles. However, a store with a lot of products need something special to help their client know what they’re looking for. This is possible only if you allow your clients a simpler way. Product Filter for WooCommerce ensures dynamic filtering capabilities to the shop and all product archive pages. Customers can easily sort listings via creating a combination of categories, ranges, product attributes, and meta keys–all in an easy-to-use interface. It helps users speedily narrow down listings to just the products they want to see.

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