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9 Most Important Things to Do to Improve Your Programming Skills

Computer programming is the disciplined skill. It demands constant learning on the part of the programmer. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, even the most experienced and established experts are facing problems in adhering to the demands of industry. Hence, consistent improvement is the best and only way to stay ahead of the curve.

Apart from learning the basics and writing a few lines of code, you need to do a lot to emerge as an expert coder. Remember that it is about preparing for a lifetime of refreshing old skills and adding new ones to the bio. In case, you don’t find it interesting, simply change the line of profession.

Here are some of the most important things you need to do to improve programming skills and become an expert:

  1. Write Code

Getting better at coding is possible only if you are willing to practice writing code. When you type out code lines, you are actually observing errors in handling, design, threading, etc. So once you notice these closely, you can easily learn ways to prevent them in future. Also, try your hands at tackling small and big programs. The smaller programs will help you improve your basic programming skills. It will also explain you about productivity. On the other hand, bigger programs will do wonders for your problem-solving abilities. Keep challenging yourself.

  1. Emerge as the Best

Although it really helps to be with people who are way better and more skilled than you, but it might get a little embarrassing to stumble at tasks which they can accomplish easily. This might be bad for your ego. However, these experiences will make you a skilled and more polished programmer in future. This also applies for other skills too. Mastering a skill is possible only when you join the company of masters and meticulously following the technique they practice.

  1. Contribute

You must be ready to make contributions to open source projects. This is because all successful and great programmers have open source contributions. So if you wish to become a good programmer, think about these contributions seriously.

  1. Use a Debugger

This is something most programmers do. Since it is always better not to take risks, simply step through your code. This will help you gain a better understanding of what’s going on. You will also recognize the weak areas and learn how to get better next time for building similar software perfectly.

  1. Learn Something New

When it comes to improving skills as a programmer, you need to make dedicate efforts towards learning something new. Now this might be about learning a different programming language. The key is to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. For instance, if you work with object-oriented languages, try out a functional one. Similarly, if you are into program desktop apps, try your hands at learning web or mobile development. If you have any question so feel free to ask us:

  1. Research and Study

You need to research and study a lot to become a highly skilled programmer. So start with reading programming blogs. There are a number of excellent blogs, which you can read to get benefited from new unique ways of thinking. Some of the best blogs to read include:

– Good coders code, great coders reuse

– Paul Graham

– Coding Horror

– CSS Tricks

– How to start programming

– Big Nerd Ranch Blog

  1. Read Code

Yes, you need to read other people’s code and your own to get the gist of everything that’s new and innovative in the industry. Start with reading tutorials from the established programmers and checking out libraries. You can research code examples online (GitHub) and read them. Observe them really well. This will let you understand precisely how code works and even adjust you into the several approaches that can be used for building a specific program. Once you have read the code, look for various ways to improve on it. Read and analyze the responses of others. This will greatly improve the way you write your own code.

  1. Work on Code

Almost all open source projects provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your coding skills. This way, you can meet like-minded coders and even potential mentors. You will get ample opportunity to work with them on projects that have a tangible purpose in the real world. It helps you gain an insight into the industry and its operations. Additionally, you can have hands-on experience. Also sign up to open source mailing lists. You can even join communities to get started.

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