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8 Web Design & Development Trends You Need the Most in Future

2017 has been the great year for industry, many trends emerged and the older trends diminished. But, in 2018 everyone is curious to know the new web development trends that are striking the design industry at a fast pace.

So, do you have the idea which website trends are going to last longer in future?

No? Let’s Discuss!

01: The design is never finished! Like a software continuously evolve and maintenance level grows so do the design levels. These are some expected trends which will rule 2018 and future:

  • Expressive Typography and Bright Colors: The bold is going to be in fashion to seek customers’ attention. Also, the unique and expressive typography will become more in demand.

  • Scroll Triggered Animations: If you have worked in a professional company which provide web development services you must have seen their focus on scroll triggered animations as it gives immaculate look to the website.
  • Image-based Content: Image content will become more apparent in 2018 as it is in E-commerce websites today. But in future, this trend will become popular on all websites. The ‘less is more’ strategy will be adopted.

02: Web development services: will become responsive: Responsive web templates also give users optimal experience across the range of devices. These designs will become popular in 2018 and future. Because as the number of smartphone users increases at an unprecedented pace the need for a responsive web template will also rise.

03: Design and Data Science Relationship: Consumer data is important for every brand because based on the data they can make strategic decisions effective for their branding. As this age is called the “Internet of Things (IoT)”. The data needs will be incorporated in good UX of the website. Professional web development services will focus on creating designs that can collect most of the users’ data.

04: Automated Chatbots: If you are still thinking to solve your customer queries with traditional customer support service approach, you are not allowing your business to be in the mainstream. With a plethora of websites available on the Internet, it has become easier for the customer to switch to other sites when their answers are not being facilitated on one site.

Automated Chatbots are the futuristic and user-oriented solutions available. As Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly popular, it is the right solution for your website and can be operated from anywhere. These bots are available on your site 24/7, welcome users with automated messages and will make your business value for them. It’s a good tip for web agencies who want to boost their online website development services.

05: Progressive Web Apps:  Animated page transitions, push notifications, splash screens will become more popular in 2018 and future. It is expected that year 2018 will see reflections of mobile apps in web designs.

Progressive Web Apps are also good for increasing speed, page optimality, security, usability and offline access.

06: Static Websites: Static Websites are simple, cheap, secure and don’t take longer loading time. The year 2018 will take over dynamic websites with static website design trends. Bloggers have also started shifting to static websites as it provides the option to convert simple text into static pages or blogs making your website better.

07: RAIL: User-Centric Performance: Rail is a new concept for website designers bit this concept will more be implemented in 2018 and may continue in future. Here’s what it stands for:

  • Response: How your website responds to the clicks and functions call.
  • Animations: For scrolling and dragging it keeps up with the ideal rate of 60 frames per second.
  • Idle: Essential for work in the background.
  • Load: The maximum loading time on the website should not be longer than one second.

RAIL is a great concept for a user-centric approach and it increases website performance. By using this concept you can standardize website more!

08: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:  They are the two separate concepts which cannot be merged. Virtual reality is related to the virtual world whereas Augmented Reality has a strong connection with the real world. These two concepts can turn a conventional website into an immersive experience and these concepts are going to rule 2018 and future.

These new trends will be a major part of web development services today and in future. Adopting these trends earlier can set you apart from the normal and enlist you in the modern websites that will be prominent in 2018 more.

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