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7 Benefits of Using Angular JS 2.0 for App Development

In the world of application development, Angular JS has become a famous JS based framework. The framework is best known for a single page app development or any web application. In a short period of time, Angular JS has made a name for itself for its performance as it has been accepted by both individuals and enterprises.

Angular JS was developed by Google in the year 2009 and later the Angular JS 2.0 version was introduced. This new update looks to be better than the older ones. Let’s see what the latest version has to offer:

Faster and modern browsers

Developers have been asking for browsers that are faster such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. They want the new version of Angular JS to focus more on such browsers so that it allows the use of great features. The use of Angular JS will shorten the codebase as well as compact it. In return, this will improve the mobile app development process.

Enhanced performance

Angular JS was not developed for developers. Initially, it was created for designers but as time passed some improvements were made for the sake of developers. However, developers think that there is still some scope of improvements especially when it comes to the performance of the framework.

Mobility support

Mobile app developers are looking for a platform that supports mobile app development. Though Angular JS can be used to build mobile apps, it still needs more features and flexibility. As per developers, Angular JS can simplify the process of app development by allowing them to create a simple desktop application with ease.

Web support

The web has a lot of potential especially when it comes to app development. With the older version of Angular JS, did not allow the mobile app developers to freely use the web components which made the development process a bit tiring. With web components like custom elements, HTML imports, etc. developers have more freedom to customise.

Ease of usage

Angular JS has some difficult features that make the coders’ task a bit of a stretch. The reason why this happens is that these custom features are difficult to understand and work with. Therefore, every mobile app development agency is looking for some changes in the same area so that coding becomes a bit easier for them.

New Dependency Injection (DI)

The Dependency Injection (DI) is a major part of Angular JS and the developers know it. This is the only component that prevents coders from writing long and tiring codes and also had differentiated the framework from its competitors. The newer version of the framework may have some improvements in the DI segment.

Improved routing

Routing has been an important support to the framework as it provides some extensive features. For the same reason, mobile app developers have been expecting more improvement in the area of routing. In the new Angular JS 5.0 version, there seem to be improvements in the routing which has made it simple, extensible and scalable.

Angular JS is a wide concept and we have barely dug into it. With time, Angular JS 2.0 promises more and more improvements. The developers are keen to see what’s in store for them with the future versions of this platform and we hope for the best as well.

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